Get movie playback and PIP on a Samsung 6000 series LED TV

At the start of the year I purchased a lovely 32″ Samsung 6000 Series LED TV. It is a great piece of kit, has a media section for when you connect USB device you could view pictures or play music. But playing movie files was missing, also not have PIP feature. However I noticed that the 7000 series which had been released had both these features, but had identical specs, and cost about £200 more. After researching and finding various bits of information spread over forums on the net discovered that upgrading the TV to 7000 series was just a case of changing a setting in the Service Menu.

So if you have a Samsung 6000 series LED TV and you want to have the ability to play movie (Divx Xvid) files back on the TV from a USB device, then you simply need to do the following.

  • Switch the tv off with the red power button on the remote
  • Wait a few seconds then press the following buttons in sequence. “info” — “menu” — “mute” —“power”
  • The set will then switch on ..
  • After a few seconds after the picture comes on and the set will show a window in the left side with all the hidden service menu
  • Press enter on the top “option”
  • Scroll down to “model” press enter then using the button to the right of the enter button scroll through untill you get to the 7000 series
  • When you have this press enter and it will lock it into the 7000 series
  • Press the red power button to switch off then switch back on …
  • Insert a usb flash drive and go to the media menu
  • You will now see there is the movie icon

Going through the various menus you will see couple of other new options including network (not supported by the TV as lacking Ethernet), and PIP which is supported and works. The refresh rate on the TV will also now support 120hz rather than the advertised 100hz.

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