Overclocking Asus DSL-AC68U or RT-AC68U

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  1. Alexey says:

    Thank you! It helped me a lot. Very comprehensive tutorial. It was my first time using SSH. I wanted to decrease CPU speed from 1200 to 800 to extend the routers life. I also set the memory clock to 800. So I typed “nvram set clkfreq=800,800” and got “BogoMIPS: 1599.07” as a result. I had 72°C before with an additional passive radiator. Now it’s still 72°C but I’ll check it tomorrow again if I don’t forget.
    I’ve done this via SSH on Android Smartphone.

  2. Alexey says:

    Well, strange enough, the temperature increased. Now it’s 73°C.

  3. Alexey says:

    I changed memory frequency to 666MHz. Now the temperature is little lower, 70°C. I believe though it’s because ambient temperature is lower.

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