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XChat Aqua has become XChat Azure

I have used IRC ever since I started using the Internet way back in 1996 on my Amiga. The client I used back then was called AmIRC which as you can see the from...


Why do people stay with slow hosting companies?

There is one thing which has confused me for a long time, which is why do people stay or put up with slow hosting? From having web hosting since 1998 for various websites and...


2 Advertising Networks, which is the best

I have used Google Adsense for a few years now, and from my various websites earn pretty much a consistent amount every month. An alternative has been about for about 18 months – 2...


Its official IPv4 has ran out!

(Reuters) – Thirty years after the first Internet addresses were created, the supply of addresses officially ran dry on Thursday. But don’t panic. The transition to a new version of addresses is already well...


9 days until IPv4 is exhausted

The time which network people have been trying to ignore for years is nearly here. The day when the Internet runs out of IP addresses. Its been on the cards for years, IPv6 has...


Moving my sites to a VPS

I have decided to get a VPS to move the majority of my websites to. This site has already been moved on to the VPS, thought I am planning on moving potentially 3 other...


Drupal and Zeus Rewrite

If you are reading this page, the chances are you are one of the lucky people to end up with hosting on a Zeus server rather than Apache so unable to use the Clean...


Joomla SEF and Zeus Rewrite

f you are looking at this page the chances are that you have installed Joomla on your hosting, though discovered that rather than running Apache and mod_rewrite they are running Zeus which uses Zeus...

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